Xenical for preventing diabetesThe known fact to everybody is that being overweight or obese for a long period has high chances of developing type II diabetes among other health issues. Thus by taking a weight reducing agent along with the low calorific diet will lower the risk of developing type II diabetes. For this, Xenical, also known as Orlistat, can be employed as it blocks the fat one consumes and prevents the body from absorbing it into the system.

Thereby, it aids in weight loss or lowers the risk of regaining the weight already lost. According to a study, Xenical is seen to reduce the chance of developing type II diabetes by 40% in obese people and also useful in controlling sugar levels in patients who already have diabetes.

Why is Xenical advised for preventing diabetes in obese patients?

This drug is proven to be the safest and effective drug to lose weight with a combined package of exercise and healthy or low-calorie diet. It is noted that patients who used Xenical for a period of one year were found to shed 2-3 kgs more than those who did not take the drug. A patient displays visual changes within 2 weeks’ time and loses few pounds too in this period.

The side effects of Xenical pose no fatal or serious conditions which are oily or fatty excreta, gas discharge, stomach ache, rectal pain, nausea, inability to control bowel movement, stomach and intestine problems with loose stools and the inability to absorb A, D, E and K vitamins by the system. Thus taking into account the benefits of Xenical, and its safety factor, (can be used by almost everyone except pregnant women, people with gallbladder problems and malabsorption syndrome), it is prescribed by physicians as a first line treatment for diabetes in obese patients.

How Xenical works in reducing weight and preventing type II diabetes?

The enzymes that break down the triglycerides in the intestine are the gastric and pancreatic lipases. It inhibits these enzymes because of which the lipase activity gets blocked. And so, the triglycerides in the diet are excreted instead of not getting hydrolyzed into absorbable free fatty acids. As a result, taking Xenical prevents about 30% of the fat in the diet from being absorbed by the body. But the restriction here is that the drug fails to block the absorption of calories from sugary and non-fat foods. Hence, it is essential for a person to calculate the total calorie intake to have better results with Xenical.

Xenical’s effect on diabetic patients

Weight loss in patients who are diabetic will help in improving blood sugar control. This is also sought to be done along with physical exercise as it is very much essential for patients with diabetes. Therefore, the drug is prescribed for diabetic patients too but the patient has to report to the physician about the other medications he takes for diabetes in order to prevent any drug interactions. Buying Xenical is not recommended for pregnant ladies with diabetes or expecting mothers who develop gestational diabetes.